Before making any resolutions with your ego,
approach your year with mindfulness.

Numerology is one of the most rational mystic tools to the ego as it is all mathematical. Each number from 1 to 9 represent a place, an energy on the cycle, whether it is a life cycle or a project cycle, or a relationship cycle.

Each year is calculated from your personal birth date. Life is made of many cycles, and it is my pleasure to help you see which energy will influence your year 2022 so you can be mindful of which energy will influence your personal experiences this coming year.

A cycle starts with the joy of all that is new, it's a newness period, and then stabilizing this newness comes naturally; following this, comes the joy of taking more time with friends and loved ones feeling more secure from the stabilization period; and then it is time to work hard effortlessly if done wisely and knowingly to keep going what you have started, and feeling filled with love from your friends and loved ones; and after that hard work it is the time for changes, the time to allow the Universe to step in and move a few things around to make it better, and also because you might want to step away from your ego to make the proper changes to see it becomes successful; then comes the time when people might need your help, your expertise and your time, and knowing this, you can approach that overwhelming period of requests enjoying more being under this service energy, doing it with love, from love and without judgements; and then after such dedication, some me-time is a must and getting back within to seek your own truth is a natural cycle state after maybe feeling you gave yourself to everyone, recharging your battery is required; and from that beautiful retreat within yourself period being less social, you might have become aware of your wonderful Inner power of abundance which allows you to feel like a conqueror, facing your ego-based fears to succeed, and this allows you to let go of what is no longer serving you, leaving space for more newness... and then the cycle starts again.

See where you are on your personal cycle for 2022
based on your birth date, and how you can make this knowingness part of your mindfulness journey.

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

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