Can you understand and read, or translate into words, your own energy?

Oracle cards are awesome help for that. There is no magic to this. They are simply words of wisdom without the ego-based mind interfering.

Each deck is like a Wiseman, a Sage, giving you advice helping you open your eyes about something.

Your energy attracts energy-like which is why some cards come up when they do during a reading even when not physically present. The intention for the reading is set when I clear the cards' energy. They bring a message that will make sense to your Self and not always to your ego-based mind maybe blocking what you need to know and learn to prepare your tomorrow from your today. 

Numerology is used to know your personal life lessons. Numerology is based on your birth name and birth date. 

Each one of us is a spiritual being experiencing a physical life, living a physical life, and we came with and for life lessons on our personal life path to enjoy life and follow our own purpose. We came to expand ourselves and the Universe. Two person can have the same name or the same birth date, yet, their life lessons are very personal to them since they adjust to their personal life path.

Take care of your Now energy and well-being
to create your tomorrow.

Dr. Nathalie

One session/reading-One topic (few exchanges if necessary).

Oracle cards

Let's look at the beautiful energy of your situation, what is in motion and the potential outcome.

Many different decks are used depending on the situation and clarification requested.


Knowing which energy is influencing your year and month, and the one coming, is a huge help to step away form the ego-based mind and understand what is the life lesson in the situation.

Your Soul informs you
of every step.

Very often the ego-based mind and thoughts interfere with the message your Inner Self is trying to communicate to you. Feeding the fears from the ego stories is not an easy thing to stop. Let's look at your energy and what your Soul is trying to let you know.

Before your reading session...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

By completing the purchase of this service, you will receive an email regarding your request. As this service is done via email, you will also know the time that I will schedule for you in my schedule, just like I do for an in-person appointment. Time slots are specifically reserved daily for this service.

Can I purchase more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the coaching again for a different topic or development on a previous topic.

It is always my pleasure to help people clarify their situation to be more mindful of their present moment and create a better tomorrow.

Dr. Nathalie

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