Self-realization Oneness affirmations meditation

In these meditations, I am using the Oneness affirmations from my book Self-realization Food for thoughts: 21 verses of Oneness affirmations with meditation music.
You can listen online or offline as I made the two versions downloadable for you.
One version uses the word Source and one version uses the word God, whichever does not trigger your ego-based thoughts while you enjoy your meditation.
In both versions I chose to say HIS as I am referring to the Yang energy for Source's Light, Active, Strong, Positive and Powerful energy.


  Self-realization Oneness affirmations meditation from my book
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Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy, specialized in Metaphysical Counselling.

Metaphysical practitioner, Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master