Do you address the soul portion in the
Mind, Body and Soul equilibrium?
Many do not really know how nor what to do when it comes to this.
The best way that I have observed is to first have a better understanding of the ego, the conscious and the subconscious and the role of each one in the reality that we are creating as the days, needs, desires and fears comes and goes.

I am offering consultation for your spiritual well-being.

Very often people confuse spirituality with religion.

We are a spiritual Being experimenting life through a physical Being. Our spiritual being as its senses just like our physical being as its five senses.

Our equilibrium of mind, body and spirit cannot exist without taking care of our spiritual well-being.

Often people walk away from spiritual practices thinking that they must walk away from their family or collective religious practices and beliefs, but they do so by walking away from spirituality all together... maybe finding themselves searching for their meaning or a life meaning and personal purpose.

Some also find comfort in other religious practices without seeing they simply adhere to another one better, thinking it is better, and deciding that one is better than the others.

Spirituality is simply the common denominator of them all. The rest is simply human directions and rules.

While learning how to lift up your ego veils (which we all do until our last breath), I am teaching you and helping you to comfortably connect with your inner Self, your authentic Self, and your own spirituality and the practices making you feel good and better. I am offering you spiritual mind treatments such as the practice of gratitude to start with.

Gratitude is an unsaid spiritual practice and is an easy tool to learn to slowly connect with your Inner Self, your spiritual Being that is you without ego-limitations and ego-conditions, and the Higher Consciousness or Source or God or... (let's not limit with human words that powerful source).

I have many tools in my beautiful toolbox to share so you can start creating your own, and crafting it to design it and make it personal.

Your Soul keeps communicating with you. Is it time for you to maybe learn how to collaborate to start enjoying your Soul's company and collaboration so you can enjoy your life without conditions?

Your well-being matters.

Your mental well-being matters.

Your personal mindfulness journey matters because You matter!

We will establish together the steps towards a mindfulness journey that will adapt effortlessly to your daily life.

Dr. Nathalie :)

Consultations offered via Zoom according to everyone's best availability, regardless of your geographic location.

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Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy, specialized in Metaphysical Counselling.

Metaphysical practitioner, Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master