Do you really want to dig up and discover your personal life mission, to know what is the impact that "you" have to make in the community, the world during your life?

It's time because you followed your inspiration that brought you here.

🌱 Like all seeds that already contain the essence of what they will become and know beyond any doubt what they will become, you also know, but your ego may be preventing you from believing it. Let's dig up together what is hidden in you and what is your unique message to you without triggering the control of your ego.

  • Week 1 and 2: Let's dig up (what is hidden in you, your essence already ready to become...)

  • Week 3 and 4: Let's find out (what your Authentic Self wants to tell you...)

  • Week 5 and 6: Let's weed (what your ego hides and prevents you from becoming...)

  • Week 7: Let's look at how to commit to your life mission right now.

  • Week 7: Let's examine the different areas that can serve your life mission.

  • Week 8: Let's establish a mini-plan to embody the person corresponding to this life mission.

Transformation guaranteed!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I schedule my appointments?

After requesting and paying for the 8-week package, you will receive an email allowing us to schedule the first meeting. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled during the first session to ensure they fit your schedule.

Why do I have to pay for all the meetings at the same time?

The content of the package spans over 8 weeks, and although after a few meetings you may already have understood your life mission or understood the direction of your life mission, the content of each week and especially the last weeks is very important to properly incarnate the person to accomplish your personal life mission.

Your personal commitment is important over the 8 weeks therefore this encourages you not to stop before the end when your ego might want to take control, and since you will have paid for 8 meetings, you will be more motivated to continue when your ego takes over. :)

Unearth your life mission

8 individual meetings via Zoom